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Feet massaging technique


 - Feet massaging technique

How do I go about it? Your partner lies down on his back, with a little cushion placed under his knees. Sitting at his feet, pour some oil into your palms and warm it up. Take his left foot in both your hands and make gentle clockwise movements around each of his malleoluses (the prominent bones on each side of the ankle) with your thumbs. Do the same with his right foot, then place the first three fingers of each of your hands on the outer malleolus of his ankles. Draw five slow circles in one direction then in the other before making figure of 8 movements. Continue, varying the pressure and width of the movements.

Why is it so good? Because the feet are potential erogenous zones and consist of 4 sexual stimulation spots that are linked to the genitals. Massaging the feet is both relaxing and arousing: double the benefits!

A good time to try it: After foreplay, just before you get down to business.

An extra idea: Make your own sexy, woody foot massage oil by mixing 50ml sweet almond oil with 6 drops of sandalwood oil.

Tip: Are you familiar with plantar reflexology? This calming therapy treats the body's organs at a distance by applying pressure to the feet with the thumbs. In addition to the erotic aspect, foot massage is also great if you're stressed, anxious, bloated or have headaches.


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