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The 20 Best Anal Sex Positions

Anal sex is the bedroom’s Marmite move, but if you love some anal action then there are a few sex positions you need to make sure you cross off your list.

For starters, anal sex positions are a lot more adventurous than just pulling off the porn star doggy style. In fact, doggy style can be one of the least enjoyable positions when you first start off with anal sex - who would have thought, huh? We spoke to Sex and Relationships expert Cate Campbell to get her expert tips on which positions are the most OMG for some behind the scenes action. She says that before you start you need to know and respect that anal sex is a whole other ball game to front-fun which means you'll both need to act with a bit more preparation and care. 

“Sessions exploring the anal area before intercourse are important to help both partners relax and learn how their bodies respond to anal stimulation. Usual foreplay and massage of the body and buttocks should precede any anal touching to allow the area to relax. Begin by exploring the anal area with the fingers (keep nails short) or tongue then start with the insertion of sex toys such as butt plugs and anal vibrators to get used to the sensation of something in the anus,” she says.

To get the most out of anal sex, it's best to be prepared with plenty of foreplay (and lots of lube). So if you're all warmed up and raring to go, check our pick of twenty of the best anal sex positions to add to your repertoire.