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Escape from reality for a night. You are no longer Harry and Sally but a pair of exotic strangers with frightening chemistry.

Ever fantasised about sex with a handsome stranger? Find out what it's like with one who actually knows your body pretty well, and rediscover thrills you never knew you could have!

Arrange to meet in a bar you've never been to before. Arrive 10 minutes late and surprise him by dressing up differently in an outfit that's totally not you. Go for a new hairstyle or even a wig, and if you're a casual sort of person pile on the glam with smoky eyes and scarlet lips.

Eye him up from the door, sashay up to him and start flirting with him outrageously. Fake a foreign accent and introduce yourself as Veronica, a vaguely Eastern European glamour model/dancer with a saucy past...When he starts playing along, invite him back to yours for vodka and see if you can surprise each other between the sheets.

You let go of all your inhibitions when you're playing Veronica the Eastern European dancer of dubious morals and he's playing Fabrizio the Italian stallion footballer looking to score...

Ok we're cringing too - but we're sure you get the idea - imagination and suspense are two of the hottest turn-ons!


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