Men vs Women: The Great Female Survey 2011 Results


 - Men vs Women: The Great Female Survey 2011 Results
Great Female Survey 2011 Results

Men vs Women! The fight is on. We wanted to find out what the modern man and modern women really think about relationships, about sex and about each other in 2011.

At, we asked nearly 1,500 UK-based women what they thought about love, sex, relationships and the men in their lives while our friends over at AskMen did the same with over 8,000 British men.

The results are in and for the first time can reveal the true differences between men and women in 2011.

When it comes to relationships and dating, we're not so different from the boys.

Marriage & Divorce

In 2009, the Office of National Statistics reported a downward trend in divorce rates in England and Wales. Good news as in 2011, 86 per cent of men and 92 per cent of women said they still believed in marriage.

However, when it comes to divorce the sexes are split in their opinions. Unsurprisingly 76 per cent of men said they thought that men get screwed in the divorce courts while 45 per cent of women thought it both parties got fair and equal treatment.


When it comes to love it turns out that men are lot more judgemental and shallow than us girls. Again, not a huge surprise. A whopping 42 per cent of men said they'd dump their partner if she got fat, while in Girl World, only 13 per cent would ditch a fella if he put on a few extra pounds.

If you ever thought it was the media piling on the pressure for women to stay slim and youthful, think again!

The majority of men (40 per cent) also said that women start losing their looks at age 40! Tell that to Jennifer Aniston, 42 and Cameron Diaz who'll be 39 in 2012!

31 per cent of women, on the other hand, said men never lose their looks.


We all expected men to be the jealous ones but in 2011 it's women getting up tight about exs.

42 per cent of women said they're not comfortable with their boyfriend being "friends" with an ex on Facebook. Converseley 45 per cent of men said they'd be fine with it.

When asked if they'd ever read their partner's messages or texts, 59 per cent of women admitted they had. A guilty 25 per cent had done so without their partner knowing.

Of the men surveyed, 33 per cent said they wouldn't read a partner's correspondence because they respected their privacy.


In the bedroom, women are having a better time than their men-folk. 22 per cent said they were completely satisified but the majority said improvements could be made.

Then again 57 per cent of women are faking orgasms so it can't be that good?

Though only 31 per cent are admitting to faking their big Os, Men were more dissatisifed with their sex lives in general. 39 per cent said there was still room for improvement, 22 per cent said they weren't satisfied at all, and 27 per cent said they had no sex life to complain about.

It seems more sex is being had by UK womenOnly 19 per cent of women said they weren't getting any. But even if they were, would they tell? 15 per cent of women said they'd lie about how many people they'd slept with, just to protect their partner's feelings. 18 per cent said they like because it's no-one else's business while only 6 per cent, said they'd hide the truth to protect their egos.

It's not exactly a shock to hear that guys are actually more likely to lie for the sake of their ego than for any other reason. 21 per cent admitted to bending the truth for pride's sake.

The majority of men (66 per cent) said it was OK to pay for sex - although various excuses were given, whereas 61 per cent of women said it was never OK.

The Great Femal Survey Results

Want to know what women really think about relationships, men and sex? We asked 1,448 UK based women for their opinions in our Great Female Survey 2011, which we ran in association with AskMen's Great Male Survey 2011.

Check out our full 2011 Great Female Survey Results now.


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